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Hunter Stoves

Welcome to the Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves of Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand is a family-owned speciality business offering affordable, multi-fuel, central heating systems. Former North Islanders, Brendon and Lois Rowe-Mitchell are the driving force behind Hunter Stoves and have been in business since the early 2000’s. They also own and operate Classic Cookers from their show room located on their rural lifestyle block at Rangiora.

Hunter Stoves are imported from the United Kingdom and sold through distributors nationwide.They are modified to suit NZ conditions and installed by the friendly team at Hunter Stoves. Brendon and the team like to carry out the installation of the Hunter stoves to ensure the product is safely installed. 

Manufactured in Cornwall, they are strong – unlike most NZ log burners, Hunter Stoves are constructed from boiler plate, not mild steel. They have a specialized cast locomotive grate allowing effective burning of wood or coal. Easily cleaned – the grate design keeps the ash in the fire, not the house.

So many features...

A Hunter Stove has many advantages, keeping the home at an even temperature, by using an efficient, comfortable and draught-free system. They also heat the hot water and radiant heat to every room in the house.

Some of the many advantages of installing a Hunter Stove are they heat the entire house – not just one room while providing all your household hot water needs, run radiators and underfloor heating and burn all types of wood and coal.

Hunter Stoves can burn day and night continuously. Another bonus is you save time cutting and splitting wood – even the smallest model (Herald 8) takes logs up to 500mm long, Hunter Stoves has a wide range of sizes suitable for all homes. Every Hunter Stove comes with a 15-year guarantee.

Hunter Stoves are attractive, designed to suit all different styles of homes and in sizes to fit all homes, and the high-output boilers run up to 15 radiators.


Hunter Stoves
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