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There are so many options with Hunter Stoves, from what you would like to achieve in regards to your heating, to the look of the stove itself. With dry fires, wetback fires, and central heating boiler stoves the options are endless. With their already great style you can change door configurations, and additions like brass knobs or canopies. 


    DRY FIRES             WET BACK FIRES          CENTRAL HEATING           BESPOKE DOUBLE SIDED FIRES            

Herald NZ Model 14 Dry or Wetback. This supersized stove generates a heat output of up to 15kw, three times the power of some compact models.
Hunters NZ Model Inglenook Dry or with Wetback: The Inglenook High Output can achieve between 9.2kw to a max of 20kw of heat.
Herald Single depth Double Doors Bespoke: The Herald 8 delivers a maximum heat output of 11kW and is fully CE approved.
Herald NZ Model Bespoke build 8 or 14:Herald 14 double heat output range 14-25kw based on UK fuel cycles 1.5 hours.
Herald NZ Model 8 Central Heating.A dry unit, it has a max output of 11kw, or you can go with the wrap around or clip in boilers options.
Herald NZ Model 14 Central heating:his very large stove has a heat output of between 3.7-5.3kw to the room and 8.7kw to the wetback.
Herald NZ Model 8 Dry or with Wetback. The solid good looks of the Herald 8’s and its mid-sizing provides a versatile unit.
Herald NZ Model 80B Central Heating: It’s a fierce stove which sends 16kw to run your water and radiators and 10kw to heat the room.
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