Some of the questions asked by previous customers – If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Does Hunter Stoves sell direct to the public?

No, we have trusted dealers with showrooms throughout New Zealand . To locate your nearest dealer click here

How do I get my new stove installed?

Installation must be carried out by qualified person and must be in accordance with Building Regulations. Contact your local dealer, who will be pleased to arrange a site visit.

Can I connect two stoves to one flue system?

No. All Hunter Stoves must be individually flued.

What type of fuel can I use?

The quality of fuel will dictate the performance of your Hunter Stove. All available coals in NZ are OK.

Wood-burning stoves?

Burn only dry, well seasoned wood. Best results are achieved by using dry wood, with a moisture content of less than 20%, which has been cut, split and stacked for at least 12 months. This is referred to as ‘seasoned’ wood. Burning wet or unseasoned wood will create tar deposits in the stove and chimney and will not produce a satisfactory heat output. Wood burns best on a bed of ash. It is therefore only necessary to remove surplus ash from the stove occasionally.

Can I burn wood on my multi-fuel gate?

Yes. All Hunter multi-fuel appliances are capable of burning wood.

Can I sweep my chimney through the stove?

Yes , it is possible to sweep the chimney through the stove.

A clip-in boiler installation should have an additional means of access to the flue system to allow cleaning, this is usually a soot door in the first length of flue pipe.

Can I run my boiler stove disconnected?

No. The stove should not be fired with the boiler disconnected or empty. This could cause serious damage to the appliance.

What is a front extension?

Most of the Multi Fuel Herald’s have the option of using a front extension. It is called, an ‘Extension’ because it increases the fuel load size within the firebox. This is especially helpful for overnight burning.

What is the difference between a wood-burner and a multi-fuel?

A wood burner can only burn well-seasoned logs, and the wood is burnt on the base of the stove. You use a shovel to clean out the ash. A multi-fuel stove comes with a grate where you can burn both coal or well seasoned logs. An ash pan beneath the grate allows for easy removal of ash.

Do I need to purchase a multi-fuel or wood conversion kit?

If you have purchased a multi fuel stove and then decide you wish to convert to a pure wood burner, you would need a wood conversion kit. This also applies with using a multi fuel kit if you wanted to change from a wood burner to multi fuel.

Do I need a damper?

If your chimney has an exceptionally good draught, it may be worth fitting a damper. This helps reduce the pull on the chimney and helps keep heat within the firebox, which is then transferred into the room. A damper also helps when burning wood over night as it slows the burn rate down and increases the burn time on the wood.

PLEASE NOTE Dampers are not to be used with Multi fuel Hunter Stoves. Multi fuels have higher combustion than wood, so adding a damper would be dangerous.

What warranty do I get on my stove?

All Hunter Stoves Authorised Dealers provide you with a standard 15year warranty* on the body. Hunter
For full warranty specifications please contact us.
(*Naturally wearing consumables such as glass, bricks, baffles, log retainers etc are excluded from this warranty. )
For a list of authorised stockists please use our dealer locater.

Can I fit a Hunter Stove into my property in the city?

Depending on your location and your local council regulations. Please contact us or your local distributor for advice.